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Toot’s Vending: Rentals, Sales and Repairs across Cornwall

Toot’s Vending provides businesses from Alexandria to Morrisburg with the area’s most versatile line of vending machines for rent and sale. Vending machines are a great way to raise profits and boost the morale of your employees or business’ visitors. Locally operated and family-owned Toot’s Vending offers an attentive, personal touch to our customers in Cornwall and the surrounding area. Our reliable machines are great additions to local offices, factories, hospitals, cafeterias and public or private institutions. We also rent and service ATMs.

Plenty of Vending Machine Options
Being locally operated allows Toot’s Vending to give our customers the exact service they need quickly and efficiently. Toot’s Vending also provides our clients with fresh food and healthy dining options, a service our competitors just can’t match. Toot’s Vending is proud of our full line of vending machines for businesses throughout Eastern Ontario, including:

  • Coffee and coffee supplies vending machines

  • Beverage vending machines

  • Fresh food vending machines

  • Healthy option vending machines

Prompt Maintenance and Repairs
Toot’s Vending offers our clients from Alexandria to Morrisburg prompt vending machine service and repairs. Our staff is devoted to providing you with courteous service at competitive prices. Call us today to learn how Toot’s Vending can boost your company’s morale and productivity with the area’s most reliable vending machine services.

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